Emotional abuse

Any emotional abuse survivors ? I am caught in a relationship 3&1/2 years down the road with a new baby. I got the courage to tell him he’s emotionally abusing me. He tells me I do this or this so I deserve it. He calls me a hoe or a slur. Tracks my phone. Calls me a c**t or a bitch. Tells me I smell like men’s cologne. I smelt like bleach one time and he told me I was scrubbing cologne off my skin. He tells me he’s more of a parent than me because I work full time. He tells me no one will ever marry me. He threatens to kill himself. Told me if I leave and ever take my daughter around another man he will kill me and him and that he will sit in jail. He tells me I’m nothing. I feel so small and like I can’t leave. Someone help me. How do I leave.