So so fed up! Just need to vent 😢

Lauren • Baby Boy#2 through ivf/icsi

I’ll be 35 weeks on Friday with our

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baby boy. Feel like I’ve been in this pregnancy for about 10 months already after all the treatment at the beginning to!

Had my consultant appointment on the 14 May who requested a scan within two weeks to check everything surrounding baby because I’ve had bleeding throughout pregnancy from cervical cysts. Had my midwife appointment yesterday who commented that baby felt small and was still very low down as he has been for a few weeks, she then measured my fundal height which has decreased so she has also requested for this scan. However the hospital are saying they have no scan slots available and may not be able to get me in till end of next week if there’s a cancellation or could book me in on the 13th! This will be after my next consultant appointment on the 11th who originally requested a scan!!

I feel so fed up and stressed and I feel like my movements are changing, slowing and feel so sharp! Feeling like if there’s something wrong with his growth that I’m running out of time to get him here safely because the hospital can’t pull their finger out and get my scan sorted!

I’m supposed to be being induced around due date too as that’s the policy at our hospital for

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babies but have no idea of a date yet either.

Sorry for the rant ladies 😢😢

Update -

We paid for a private scan today as I can’t stop stressing! Thank god we did! Currently sat at the emergency unit with reduced waters and he’s decreased massively in growth from 65th percentile to the 10th. Waiting to see the doctor now.