First week working at Starbucks

I started my first day of training on Monday. It wasn’t as bad as I thought and obviously I’m still confused about everything but I am only working on my 3rd day. Anyway, yesterday there was another person training with me. Right off the bat she seemed like super phony, but I ignored it. While then it was time for us to actually learn how to do things around the store. My trainer showed us how to make whipped cream and showed us where to store them. So she let us make the rest of the whipped cream and immediately the other trainee took all the things we needed to make whipped cream and started doing it herself and putting them away and didn’t even let me do it. Basically every time my trainer asks us to do something she beats me to it and it’s frustrating because I can’t learn anything if I can’t even get to do any of the stuff. I’m hoping today will be better but idk anybody have any tips?