Boyfriend is on a “business dinner”


My boyfriend makes and sells edibles . Therefore it requires him to have a lot of males and females on his phone . Well one day he was ubering and met someone who has a vegan (we’re vegan too) catering company . She stated that his edibles would do great at a few of her events . So he offered to meet with her over dinner to further discuss being business partners . He has been at dinner since 7 , it’s 9pm now . I personally don’t feel like a two hour dinner is necessary . If she has an event and edibles are needed , I personally feel like all he needs to know is how many and what kind of edible is needed . And from there he can quote her on a price and deliver it . I’m bothered to be honest . I haven’t bothered him about it . Am I being insecure about the situation ?

**Be nice I just need advice**