Boyfriend Got Mad About Sex

So my bf and I r 17 and 19 and been together 2 years. We r starting to use condoms again and they sometimes make it tough for him to get hard. Well during sex we were both uncomfortable cause we were on the ground and he was putting to much weight on my body so it hurt. Anyways he couldn’t get comfy either and he went soft. After that he got pretty mad at me and told me it’s my fault that we wasted 2 condoms and that I just lie there and don’t do any work. Which is not true at all! I’m the one who initiates sex and I’m the one that always gives him oral and he usually never eats me out cause he don’t like it. I even sit on his dick sometimes if we r home alone. I don’t understand what I did for him to get so mad and he called me stupid. Agh.