Needing to vent ☹️

So My husband and I have been together for 4 years married for three ! We had gotten pregnant when we were only together for 6 months , everything was awesome and we hit it off so well and he took care of me , and showed me what love really was , after I fell pregnant he stopped working making good money where he was at and got his car repoed because he couldn’t Afford it anymore which whatever , ever since he has gotten in to smoking weed , our relationship grew apart , ( no I don’t have nothing against weed my family has done it for years ) but when it changes a person for the worse that’s when it concerns me which it does . He said it was my fault I got pregnant , he would leave at night and I’d wake up to him being gone for 5 hours like from 1am to 6am . He was constantly always yelling at me for no reason when I wanted loved or attention. My pregnancy was the worst through out and I did not get to enjoy

It at all. I gained 60lbs and never lost the weight even after the baby he makes fun of my weight , he doesn’t want to have sex , I only get two kisses per day , he doesn’t like

To cuddle or hang out or talk . I just feel so alone . He’s always mad never happy , you have to walk on egg shells around him and he’s always smoking , I even try to play Xbox with him to do things he enjoys I still get yelled at because I’m slow at what I’m doing but I’m learning , he takes 30 minutes to smoke , then comes back then 20 minutes later he’s back at smoking again it’s a never ending cycle . There’s no talking to him or how you feel because he gets pissed off . He can’t keep a job and I have already bought two cars already and letting him drive the other just so he has one . We have a three year old and he’s always getting yelled at for no reason and he shakes out of being scared and I just want a away out but I’m scared . Idk what to do . I’m tired of apologizing for doing nothing but trying to love him and take care of him and our son . Any advice ?