Thinking about clomid (long post pls read!)


So I live in Australia but I’m from Maine. My husband’s parents are from Greece and he has two teenage sons who live with their mother in England.....needless to say we travel a LOT! Especially with my mother having stage 4 breast cancer (essentially terminal cancer, but her treatments have kept her stable for a year now, no new/growing tumours ❤️), travel is completely unavoidable. We do 2-5 trips a year to see family. My cycle is very regular normally (30-32 days), but when I travel AF disappears for months. I’m not medically worried about that because it’s normal for many women who travel, but we’ve been ttc for 6 months now and I’ve only had my period twice since New really we haven’t had any chance to track and try according to a schedule. My doctor’s advice was to try and “stay put” to get pregnant but obviously that isn’t a viable option for us. He said he’d refer me to start clomid if I really wanted to but it’s a bit early in his opinion. My husband is 49 (I’m 28), and his oldest son is almost 19 so we are dangerously close to have grandkids older than our own kids 🙈. Should I try clomid? I’m a week from AF now but I don’t think I’m pregnant, and only one more cycle until I go back to Maine for 3 no more AF for at least 2-3 months after that. I know clomid can be rough on your body/emotions because it’s basically a super-dose of hormones, but I’m so desperate for a baby. Before I pay for an obgyn out of pocket, what does everyone think? (Side note, due to my husband’s age, we are fine with multiples because it would be “one and done” but we draw the line at triplets 😂)