Advice from any mommas plsss


My baby is 11 days old. I’m just looking for some advice as every single day, during the day, he is VERY RESTLESS! To the point where he will have little to no sleep atal during the day. By the time it hits about 22:30 he is fine will go to sleep and that will be him until about 6:00am. He is a very hungry baby I have noticed and is looking for 4oz every 2 hours! I just don’t want to be feeding him to much but he always seems so hungry! My midwife told me not to buy the hungrier baby milk as it doesn’t work.

I have also noticed with him, it is as if he struggles to fall into a deep sleep and he keeps wakening up, and this frustrates him so he just cries and cries and cries until his next feed is due and then it will be the same again.. does anyone know why this could be and any advice or tips! please 😥😥😥