Okay ladies so im not sure where to post this. So ill post it here.

Last month i decided to stop TTC its been 5 months and i was getting tired. I figured god will handle it and time will tell.

Anyways i have been having vivid dreams!

Like really weird dreams.

I talked in my sleep the other night.

Well last night i was dreaming that i woke up and texted my manager to tell him i am late for work..

Guess what i wake up this morning, snooze my alarm for a few more minutes fall asleep and the alarm goes off 15 minutes after im supposed to be at work so guess what?

I text my manager and say running late alarm didnt go off.

Same thing i was dreaming about happened.

I also had a dream that i spotted pink blood on toilet paper.

I cant remeber spotting in my first pregnancy like 3 years ago.

Dreams are crazy! Fallow your instincts lol.

But anyways i wonder what thar spotting dream was. Sometimes if means differant things happening in your life.

Anyone good at interpretations