I feel like I attract “taken” guys

So I’m 22 and I feel like all the I attract are taken or have other situations. Like the situation for this post: one of my guy friends has a brother that I’m very attracted to (we”re all in our early 20s) we’ve been friends throughout high school (and are still friends) and his brother and I always messed around on and off until about a year or 2 ago when he got in a relationship and had a kid. After the kid especially we just stopped everything and kept it cordial basically just hi and bye. Maybe around a month ago we all went out for his brothers bday and he tried to get with me the whole night. He told me he was single and I didn’t really ask any questions so we started kinda messing around again for basically this month but I never saw myself with someone with a kid. He is my type and we get along really well but i always find myself in situationships like this. I always attract taken guys or players or who don’t want to be exclusive. Now I don’t know what to do about “the brother” because we kinda started something up but didn’t really talk about anything else. He always talks about the kid but I know at some point I should ask about the girl to see if she’s still in the picture but is it really worth it? I honestly don’t know what I want

P.s no rude comments