Car Seat Dilema! Help appreciated!


Hey ladies!

We are trying to figure out a car seat situation for my fiance (DH) and myself and I'm looking for some input on what you all have done or will do. We have 2 vehicles that will be used regularly (and a winter vehicle but that's on storage, so not worried about that one).

DH has been saying we should get the travel system and put that in his vehicle and put a convertible in mine. I dont know if this makes sense right now as I will be the one with DD for 2 months during maternity leave and will be the one that needs to bring her places.

Does it make sense to install the travel system in my vehicle now and switch when I go back to work? Once I am.back working he will be doing most of the dropping off and picking up from daycare as I commute to and from the city.

For the multi time Mamas, did you buy a convertible this early?

Thank you lovely ladies and I'm so excited for all of us!!