Failed vbac with uterine rupture


My first baby was an emergency c section in July 2015. I always assumed I was an excellent candidate for vbac, and my midwives didn’t even hesitate.

For this baby, I got to 41+4 before finally giving in and heading to the hospital for a foley balloon induction. I was 2cm, and slept with the balloon all night. At 10 the next morning they broke my water and within 30 mins I was at 6cm and asking for epidural. By 5 pm I was ready to push.

By miraculous luck, the midwife invited the surgeon on call to help me push. After 20 mins the surgeon looked at my stomach and said “well that was fun, now I’m taking you to the OR” 😳she could tell my uterus had ruptured. My husbands face at that moment broke my heart. He had wanted me to elect for a repeat c section, and I almost did.

In the OR, they got the baby out and whisked my husband away. He would spend the next 4 hours not knowing if i would survive. Developed DIC, massive hemorrhage, and needed 21 units of blood/blood product. The uterus ruptured into my bladder and they had to remove my uterus. I developed hemorrhagic shock. But finally they stabilized me and I got to see my baby for 5 seconds before heading to ICU. The surgeon told us that this was the first baby she’s ever seen at this hospital not to need NICU time after a uterine rupture. My doctors tell me they are amazed I made it.

I am home now and recovery is slow. Thankfully breastfeeding is going amazingly well and baby Maxine was back above birth weight by 6 days old. For as traumatic as it was, many things went right for us and we are so very lucky ❤️❤️