Pacifier help!!

Cera • 26. Minnesota. 💏 Mama to Owiyokipi Win 4/5/19. Breastfeeding FTM. 🤱🏽 💞 👶🏾

I’m exclusively breastfeeding my 8week old baby. I have to go back to work in 4 weeks so I’m really trying to get her to self soothe so she’s ok when she goes to daycare. I’ve tried MAM, Avent, NUK, and the green soothie ones. So far no luck. She just spits them out, gags, or doesn’t take them at all. Am I doing something wrong? Or is my baby just one of the few that doesn’t take a pacifier? I guess my 2 questions would be:

How can I get her to take a pacifier?


If she doesn’t take one at all, how can I get her to self soothe when I’m not around?