Can people change?


If someone has a history of going to strip clubs, drinking, and just kind if objectifying women. Do you think they can change? Sure they can stop drinking. But do you believe people Male or female at their core change, also do you think that if they can actually change can you see that happening in afew months span?

Example, a guy I used to know was exactly like this, alcoholic, went to strip clubs dated strippers etc. He would message me asking for naked pics( I never set them obviously) claims to haven't had a drink in YEARS, recently bought a house etc. Then meets a girl and they start dating, and all the sudden hes a changed man, his friend even comment " does your girlfriend know the old you?" And he said she does.. now here's the thing, he was acting this way( crude etc) trying to message me while talking to this girl, who is now his gf.

So. Now in afew short months he's a changed man, going to a Baptist church and all.. now, I dont talk to this guy any longer. I found his emails repugnant especially for a Christian man ( he was catholic).

Now, I know I may sound like I am hung up on this guy, and maybe I am actually hurt by something he did to me.. but the question still stands, do you think people at their core can change? Why or why not?

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