Help ?!

Brie • Pregnant w my little rainbow, coming January 2020 ♡

Okay ladies, so as of today i am 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. For the past week i have been experiencing SEVERE nausea. And when i say severe, i mean i cannot catch a break. It is constant. I puke up everything i eat. I cant even get myself to drink anything. I dry heaved in the morning on tuesday, threw up mid day at work after eaying a bag of chips and a slushie, which was the ONLY thing i could get down. Zofran only helps sometimes. Majority of the time does nothing. I mean i just do not think i should be this intensely sick at 6 weeks ?!?! This is my first pregnancy btw. And im usually a tough cookie when it comes to being sick but it is keeping me from being able to do anything. I just cannot seem to get anything down whatsoever. The thought of it already makes me feel sick and then actually forving stuff down makes me actually get sick. Any advice ? Has anyone else experienced this intense of nausea? At this early in their pregnancy? I plan to call my doctor if it persists, it just sucks so bad:(