Postpartum depression and lexapro


what did you/ your doctor do for your postpartum depression ?

I have two children 4 year old and a 2 week old , I didn’t experience it with my 4 year old so I don’t know the signs but I’ve been extremely emotional since I’ve had my second , I feel like I cry over everything and I can’t really control my emotions , I expressed this to my doctor and he recommended lexapro , I took my first dose today . I’m not one to take medicine every day , and I hate the thought of having to take something to be “happy” because I’m over the moon in love with both my kids , I love my life , and I’m extremely grateful for everything/ everyone I have in my life , so I feel almost selfish for having to take a medication everyday to feel better . I like natural ways of coping with things but I’ve heard postpartum depression horror stories and it’s a big fear of mine so that’s why I gave in to my doctors recommendation . Has anyone taken lexapro before and if so how did it affect you ?