Is he trying to get himself together or is it an excuse to get out?.


I'm still trying to learn a man. When a man says hes not ready for a relationship what does that actually mean. My baby daddy and I have a baby on the way. The beginning was the best until my 2nd trimester. He started to distant himself. People at work was always in his ear about me saying how this isnt his child and that he shouldn't trust me and so on. So now all of a sudden things went to fast and hes not ready. He broke it off with his ex but now shes back in the pic. But he says he doesn't love her but they are just real cool. He has nothing against her. Sometimes i think he wants her back. Idk i could be wrong. Who knows

He gives me mix signals, he asks for sex etc like. Right now im just an emotional wreck and don't know what to do. I over think because i still love him but he doesn't know that.