Husband refuses to wash hands after pooping

My husband will not wash his hands after going poop. I have to beg him, and only then will he splash some water on his hands (no soap ever), and then flicks the water onto me as a joke. He prefers to walk around the house naked. Which is fine, I completely understand the comfort of that. The problem is that he sits bare butt on the couch with his cheeks spread. Sorry to be so graphic, but I’ve seen how he wipes after pooping. A thorough clean is not his priority. He recently had me do a very thorough tick check after working in the field all day (bent over, spread cheeks). Let’s just say there was enough fecal matter down there to contaminate the couch with a colony of E. Coli bacteria (where we sit and lay our heads!) 🤮 His family is the same way in terms of cleanliness. They live filthy leaving food out to rot and sometimes maggots. One family member has MRSA and frequently has to get treated for infections. I admit I have some minor OCD qualities, but this to me is just gross. He refuses to put underwear on or wash his hands with soap, and when I try to explain why, he just calls me crazy and a clean freak and that I’m taking all the fun out of relaxation. Am I being unreasonable?