I’m an actual crazy person... 💩


Okay so here’s the story... I’m 36 and a half weeks pregnant due to get induced this coming Thursday, so I pee.. a lot. Like every hour and a half to 2 hours in the night. I also have 2 dogs. My husband is asleep, as it’s nearly 3 am at this point and I’m getting up to pee for the second time since I fell asleep. It’s dark in the bedroom... because like I said... it’s 3 am. Our younger dog of the two was up when I sat up to go pee and I look over and see poop all over the floor. I say out loud, “great Sophia popped all over the floor.” My husband then awakes and says “ugh she hasn’t done this in so long she must’ve had to go really badly”. We both proceed to get up, me to go pee and grab him the toilet paper to clean up the mess, and him to scope out the doo doo. I come back into the bedroom and go to hand him the toilet paper and he says “where is the poop?” And I look down to where I SWEAR I saw a huge pile of dung, to see nothing but a clean hard wood floor... i say to him “I swear there was shit here like 4 seconds ago...” he’s like “I wondered why I didn’t smell anything...” I’m like “oh my gosh I am so sorry I’m freaking insane 😂” he says “you must’ve been dreaming about some shit”. He falls back asleep bc he has to wake up at 445 to go to work and I am laying here trying to figure out how the HELL I am so crazy. The End. Sorry... very anticlimactic but I feel like a nut job. There was no poop on the floor.