Should baby's father pitch in for baby shower?


I'm currently 6 months pregnant. I broke up with him shortly after finding out due to.. well he was the rebound and I was depressed and uncertain about the pregnancy. But with support of God, family and friends I have been able to get back on my feet and away from my dark cloud. My ex and I have been on friendly terms. We do hit some bumps. But at the end of the day we both want what's best for our daughter. Well my mother is throwing a baby shower for me. Fathers mother said she would help but she found out we no longer together so she hasn't been responding to our messages. So my brother and i going to help my mother. I asked my babys father and he said since I'm not his gf. And that I didnt want a baby shower in the first place.. I said that months ago when I was in dark place.. so it's not his responsibility.

I can do it without his help. But thought I would least get some help. We invited his family and friends to the shower. We have nothing against him or his family.

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