Not sure where to post this... trigger warning.😭

Sorry if this is long

I got a vfl test yesterday, even my husband could see it... we thought this was going to be our 3rd child. I woke up this morning to some spoting. Didnt think anything of it ( been told some spotting is normal in early pregnancy) this evening it gets slightly heavier, and once we got home from dinner the cramping got worse. Thought maybe it was the food. Now I'm sitting on the toliet bent over feeling pressure cramps and pain, and im bleeding pretty heavily. I cant even sit up straight. It feels like I have to use the bathroom but nothing is happening.. I know now that theres no way I could be pregnant. I dont know if it's just a really bad period and my faint line was just false. Or was it true and I'm miscarrying or if It was a chemical.... I dont know what to do, i dont know if i should call my doctor or just let my body do its thing. I've never had a miscarriage before, I'm scared to ask people I'm close to if they have had one. I'm so lost. Please dont judge me. Please 😭