So much for sleep

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Wasn’t really sure where this would fit, I guess here works?

Alright y’all, were staying in an air bnb for my brothers graduation. Around 11:30 pm I wake up to a stranger sticking his head in our bedroom door looking for someone named Marissa. INSIDE THE LOCKED AIR BNB. He said he got in because all 3 apartments in the house have the same door code. We had to tell him several times to leave that we didn’t know Melissa. He left as soon as I started dialing 911 (didn’t end up calling). So my mom immediately messaged the host and he claims that the door must have unlocked. I KNOW it was locked. So he ended up coming out and erasing the code and making a new one. Still don’t think I’ll be sleeping anymore tonight.

Not really expecting any replies to this, just needed to tell SOMEONE and didn’t want to message my SO, freak him out, and somehow fall back asleep and not reply