Could use some advice on how to get out of a toxic relationship.


I currently live with my sons father in Costa Rica. We became engaged before my pregnancy and i found out I was pregnant a month later (yes while on birth control). Canceled the wedding because he was cheating during my pregnancy with prostitutes and ex girlfriends. I stayed with him for 4 years because he had no family and constantly made me feel bad about his drinking issues which I helped him through. I continue to find shit out about him that makes my stomach turn along with him being emotionally abusive. I’ve became dependent on him as a stay at home mother and I have no family support AT ALL. So imscared to get on my feet and don’t know what steps to take. Im scared to stay in a shelter with my son as well.. could anyone offer any assistance based on experience, please don’t judge me or tell me what I should’ve done. Thank you ♥️