Have you ever dated someone your family didn’t like?


Hey girls, so I have been seeing this guy about a year and a half. My family does really like him because he’s older than me, has kids, and him and the mom still live together. So of course my family thinks they’re still together. He said that they are not. I have heard some couple have lived together but not together so idk. I feel like he’s telling me the truth but idk. I can’t explain how I know but I know that he truly cares about me. I wanna say we have a bond only we understand but that might be a cliché. Is what I feel real or am I just dumb in love? If you dated someone your family didn’t like how did that turn out?

***side note*** we are not in a relationship. I will talk to other guys every once in a while to keep my options open but he kinda has my heart.