I’m freaked out even though I shouldn’t be...(LONG SORRY !)

So my boyfriend and I had sex for the second time today. I am on the pill and both times we have used a condom that does fit him. However...this time..it broke and his cum went inside of me and all over the outside of my vagina and in my butt.

We went immediately, well after I cleaned up and he cleaned up, to a Walgreens and I took plan b.

I should be fine ????

I just I wanna make sure everything is fine and that I have nothing to worry about. That we have nothing to worry about. We’re both 20 and not in any type of stability to have a child right now.

Please share your advice and if you have had any similar experiences.

Thank you !

UPDATE: was it a bad idea taking plan b on our part ?? It was to be extra safe 😂😂 it was a lot of cum it was dripping out of me. We were v spooked.

I hope it doesn’t affect me in the long run o.o


I failed to mention that, I am going to assume it was the sperm being rejected but correct me if I am wrong, a clear mucus came out of me the day it happened and the day after (today) until about less than half way through the day. What was it ? Sorry for bothering I’m v alone in this. I cannot tell my parents bc they will mark me a whore for having sex w my boyfriend (we lost our virginity to one another) and I don’t want to tell any of my friends bc I don’t want to involve anyone.

Can someone tell me what it was ? I’ve had an anxiety attack over this and it is 4 am and I cannot sleep. I am clearly not ready for anything rn 😂 but any advice or facts or whatever it may be will be widely accepted.

I know how the body works (I am a nursing mayor) and this is why I am so petrified. I apologize again for bothering and thank you to everyone that has left a comment it calmed me down for the most part idk why I am freaking out so badly tonight. I have spoken to my partner about this and my brother and they both say that everything will be fine but there is still that nagging voice in my head telling me otherwise.