The Power of a Praying Wife

Jam • Wife • Born Again • March 2020❤️

I highly recommend this book to all christian wives out there.

I believe it's our wifely duty to pray for our husbands. For their health, their work, their faith, and everything else.

My husband was raised in a Christian family but at this time in his life he is not saved. Going to church and other such things just became more of a habit for him.

He is a truely kind and caring person but has had problems with anger. He would never in a million years hurt me or anyone one else but he can get quite angry and will storm off.

He can be pessimistic and likes to complain a little too much sometimes.

Every one has bad days it but with him it was becoming almost an everyday thing.

I renewed my relationship with Christ a few months ago and became truly saved. Satan had been fighting so hard for me all my life and I finally realized the only way to fight him off was with the help of Jesus. Now that Satan no longer has that hold on me I believe the focus had gone onto my husband.

I started this book a week or so ago and have been trying hard to really pray for my husband every day. I often have difficulty finding the right words to say when I'm praying and this book gives prayer samples that actually help a lot.

It'll take time but today I got the first glimpse of God answering my prayers. It's incredible!

My husband finally admitted that his church going and such is mostly out of habit. He doesn't truly know what he believes but he wants to start studying the Bible to find out.

Ive noticed a change in his attitude as well. He is more laid back the last couple of days and has been in a better mood.

It's amazing having my prayers answered, I had been having a bad couple of days and this completely strengthened my faith.

I hope this book can help someone else pray for their husband too ☺️