How hard is it?

So I’m due my second baby in 12 weeks and my son is 25 months. He is a handful and not like any other 2 year old I’ve seen. I’m not sure if he’s got behavioural problems but we are getting him seen about it just in case. He understands that there is a New baby coming and he seems quite exited we have chats daily about how he will help feed baby and give lots of cuddles he helps sorts the baby stuff and genuinely seems interested and exited and he knows what’s his and what’s for baby but I don’t know what he will be like when it actually comes down to him being here. I had a 3rd degree tear with my first so it took 4 months to recover but this time round I won’t have time to just sit and rest with a busy toddler. What are your best tips for babies this close in age and how to recover faster? Also separating washing do you do this or do you wash both newborn and toddler stuff together?