I want to share my story and give you hope


I used to be pretty active in this group so I know what you are all going through. After going off the pill in Dec 2016 I thought we'd get pregnant right away, I had normal cycles before. My first 2 cycles were normal 35 days, then they got longer and longer. I went to my doc in Oct 2017 and she diagnosed me with pcos. I thought my life was over. I cried and made myself sick. After all, my friend and cousin both have pcos and have been trying for years with no luck.

In Feb 2018 she put me on letrozole 2.5mg. My cd21 was 3.6 but I got a bfp. Miscarried at 5.5 weeks due to low progesterone. Cycle 2 was 2.5 and I didn't ovulate, cycle 3 was 5mg and I did not ovulate. Round 4 was 7.5mg and I came across ovaboost, a supplement to promote healthy cycles. Ordered off Amazon. Used with the letrozole the whole cycle until ovulation. I started ovulating. I also started seed cycling (Google it). Cycle 5, 7.5mg and ovaboost and I got pregnant but miscarried at 8 weeks due to low progesterone again. They didn't give me progesterone suppositories like they had mentioned.

Cycle 6 bfn, finally cycle 7 of letrozole along with ovaboost I got my bfpand they proscribed suppositories right away. I used them until week 13 and I am now 17 weeks today. Until I could get the suppositories from the pharmacy used progesterone cream twice a day.

If you are not ovulating with clomid or letrozole alone, I highly recommend ovaboost with it. Especially before you go to a specialist. Good luck ladies, it took us 2 years. I just wanted to give you hope. Baby dust.