Just need to vent this is too much

Nana • 👼🏾 mommy

I been being so strong my mom passed away last year while we was in bed sleep at 19 years old I was very traumatizing most of the time I cannot get that picture out my head life has become very hard with out her I moved from New York to Atlanta Georgia with my fiancé because it has not been an easy roll I feel like we moved to fast we got together in May of last year and got engaged in July been engaged since then I deal with him entertaining other females it finally stopped a couple months ago we been trying for a baby since January we are now looking for another place to live out here in Atlanta he quit his job last Friday had his parents treat me like I was nothing and just sent me away I’m stressed because I haven’t been to school in a year I’m almost finish with my bachelors I have a New York State Lpn license didn’t switch it over to Georgia yet and my fiancé want me to just focus on school but honestly financially wise he can’t afford it by his self I’m scared to put my focus on just school and he can’t afford the bills by his self i really want to just study and prepare my self for the Rn test but at this point I’m ready to put my career on hold idk what to do I can’t stop crying I feel like I have no support he still at his parents house and I’m trying to talk to him but he pay me no mind or zone out