I want a divorce..

Venting but I want to divorce my husband and just stay likeBF n GF I don’t feel like he treats me like his “wife”we’ve been having problems lately but he just doesn’t understand and it’s annoying his ex wife txt him and I didn’t like it as a female you know and feel it and she was being flirtatious with him he didn’t reply but also didn’t put a stop to it and well I txt him while he was going to work usually he calls me right away or txts me back he didn’t read the message hours later he opened the message but he said he didn’t read it but I felt bad because he asked his ex wife what she was doing?😐so while i was waiting nothing his excuse was I was driving with my coworker since he was training it really upset me so I broke down but he had the nerve to ask her that?and reply’s back to her so quick...I just don’t feel like his wife at all I hate feeling this way..😪 i needed to vent lady’s I have no friends to talk to.