Husband appreciation post! Let me hear yours too! πŸ’™

lyss ✨ β€’ πŸ–€i

I am feeling so beyond blessed today, so I just need to do a husband appreciation post. My husband and I had our first baby this past May (a little girl πŸ’œ). One day last week she had a particularly rough day and I was so so exhausted. When my husband got home from work he saw how tired I was and after he changed out of his work clothes, he took our fussy little girl from my arms and told me to go take a hot shower, take my time, relax, and have some me time.

When I came back downstairs, our little peanut was fed and sleeping and my husband had thrown a load of laundry in the washer. He works so incredibly hard for us and it doesn’t stop when he gets home from work. I hear a lot of my friends saying their husbands never help with their babies or household chores (some can’t even put their dirty clothes in the hamper! What?!) and mine helps me out with these things without even having to ask.

My daughter and I are beyond lucky and blessed to have such an amazing husband and dad in our lives.

Let’s here it if you also have an amazing and supportive man/or woman in your life!! πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ

Car feedings 🍼 LOL