What is wrong with me?


Why am I attracted to men who abuse me? Why do they start so great and the turn to abuse? My first I charged with sexual assault. Shortly after conviction an old friend came into the picture. Three years later we have a one year old and I’m looking at court CAS and women’s home for support. I’m so lost for words because all these men are horrible but I love them. What is wrong with me! I’m sitting here losing my mind over the father of my child who turned out to be everything he said he’d never be and worse. And swore he’d never leave and after a year of fighting since my daughter has been born we have officially walked away he’s officially let me go and I’m so hurt and I don’t know how to do this and hold my self together and be a single mom. I already know he’ll have someone in the picture in a week because that’s how he is. And it’s killing me. Eating me alive to even think about everything that’s happened. Please someone help me

Pic of this past Saturday for my daughters first birthday.