Any other ladies feel this way?

Like your boyfriend (or husband) is half adult and half child? It may just be because mine is 19, but I thought I’d ask. He’s in the military, and I’m visiting at his house for a week. He had a tiring day at the station, so he came home, sat down beside me and just laid his head on my lap while I rubbed his back. Still in his uniform, so it was even more amusing to me. He’s sleeping now, and I woke up and felt that his skin was cold (insisted on wearing just shorts to bed) so I took the blanket and covered him up. He adjusted in his sleep so that he was tucked in and the blankets were pulled CLEAR up to directly beneath his nose. So that he could be cozy but still breathe. He’s actually very mature the rest of the time (for a guy our age), I just think the little things like this are endearing and wanted to share. :)