Overprotective parent

For as long as I could remember, my father has always been really overprotective and just too much at times. Hes always picked and nagged about schooling, college, boys, etc. He never allowed me to have any type of relationship with guys. I became very sneaky because of this but I was always smart about what i was doing. His overprotective ways lead me to the point where I didnt want to tell him I was in a relationship (now).

Im 20 years old and he still treats me as if I’m a 14 year old child. I do everything I possibly can to make him respect me a little more (im working on moving out). But anyways, its just a crazy environment. I feel bad for not letting him meet my boyfriend right away but, it was for the best. He can be very controlling over my life at times and I just dont know what to do. Im trying my best to try to put my foot down. It sucks because I know most people would say to move out but, I just dont have enough money. Im trying but its hard when I have to give half of what I earn to my family. Idk what im saying. Its all a big jumbled rant, but im just very very tired of this controlling toxic mess. 😥🤦🏾‍♀️