Not sure where I’m at with my ex


Me and my ex broke up almost 2 years ago we were together almost 3 years but we ended it after he went away for a few months over seas but since then we haven’t gone one week with out talking or seeing eachother and the last 6 months have been super close I see him like 3-4 times a week and stay at his on weekends when we are tighter it’s like we are back together. I still love him and I can tell when we are together he still has feelings for me but I bought it up to him and he said he’s not ready for a relationship right now which I get he is 3 years older than me but even then is still acting same knowing how I feel but I’m just not sure whether I wait for him to be ready or just stop. He’s still my best friend and we tell eachother everything I just don’t know if I’m the end he’ll just tell me he’s not interested or what? Need advice anyone gone through this before? Stuck in my head going back and forth on wait or just leave it