Sexed up! (Caution:Vulgarity)

Hi. I just had the best sex I've had. In a long time,possibly ever.

With a guy I met and hooked up with 7 years ago,cannot believe we have kept in touch. It was good then. But let's just say age and time have done magic. We did it all. Every position 🙄🙄

I'm 27... And I probably shouldnt be doing these things. I am also too embarrassed to tell my friends about this crazy rendezvous...ahhh.

I got divorced a year ago. Havnt had sex in forever! And it couldn't have gone any better. The guy was smokin hot. Knew what he was doing. And was in absolutely no rush lol.

We did it all.

I'm sorry.

Been blushing all evening.

That's all. :)