Spent half the day at the ER


Well yesterday was kinda scary! I’m telling y’all about this, just because I see people asking ALL THE TIME when to call your doctor or go in. If something isn’t normal or you feel sick, CALL! Better safe than sorry!

Thursday night around 9:30 I got super nauseous and by 10 I started throwing up, diarrhea soon followed. This lasted ALL NIGHT, I couldn’t sleep or keep anything down.

I figured it was food poisoning and it would pass just like it always does. But around 5 am I started having some pretty intense Braxton Hicks. I sat and debated about going in to the ER since I knew it was from dehydration. When my hubby got up for work, I told him I wanted to go in. And I’m glad I did, two Ivs, two bags of saline, a whole bunch of blood work and ended with an ambulance ride to the L&D (we went to the old hospital, didn’t have an L&D anymore, so had to be transferred to the new one where my OB delivered) to monitor baby girl for a few hours and get my cervix checked (DANG NOBODY TOLD ME HOW BAD THAT HURTS). Thankfully she’s perfectly fine, cervix is closed, and momma is sore, exhausted and bruised up from the needles.

I’ll tell you, I’m normally one to tough out a sickness, never been to the ER in my life. But I’m glad I went for the sake of my baby girl. Things could’ve been a whole lot worse if I didn’t.