Husband stressed to the max and takes it out on me...

Long story short(ish) my husband and I just relocated for his work. At his new worksite he has a lot more responsibility plus it’s insanely hot and he works outside.

He’s always been a little high strung as it is, but now I feel he is really snappy and unpleasant towards me more often than not.

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and have been not working since we moved about a month ago, and won’t be for about a year. (This was one of the reasons we agreed to move, so I could be a sahm). He acts like I do absolutely nothing all day, but I do all of the housework but changing the litter box.

I let him vent to me about work all the time, and we also have conversations about how I’ve been feeling about all of this. Nothing changes anything he still acts out toward me but no one else and it’s sad. I have no friends or family here. All he does in his spare time now is play video games.

Anyone have any advice on how he can take some stress off in a healthy way? We haven’t had sex in months (by his choice) which I feel really doesn’t help.