My son just turned 9 months today, and for the past few days he’s been biting while nursing. He’s done it before in the past, but only once or twice. This has been consistent the past few days. He’s been biting hard enough to leave a mark, and last night he bit down and then pulled away so he scraped my nipple and left teeth marks. Its getting to the point where I’m scared to nurse him. I tense up whenever I try and he’s bitten me every time I’ve tried today.

I work full-time so I’m gone for 10 hours a day. On days I work he only nurses in the evening and at night when he goes to bed. Should I stop nursing completely? We’ve been supplementing with formula the past couple months because I don’t pump enough for him when I’m gone. Has anyone else had their baby bite? What worked for you to help stop it? I’ve try saying no and ouchie and then stop feeding him for a bit. But then he does it again the next time he eats.

I don’t want to stop breastfeeding completely..but I’m scared of being bit every time.