Toddler Sleeping Problems - 3 YO Girl

Help! Our (almost) 3-year-old daughter is the apple of our eye, has a wonderful personality, and is a joy to be around ...until 8 PM comes around. Granted, we both work and establishing a strict sleeping routine has been hard for us. Our daughter is at day care during the day and misses us, I know. But it’s almost 9:30 and she is still wailing in her room not going to sleep. We have tried everything - we’ve resorted to car rides on several occasions now, but it has stopped working. I’ve told her she needs to stay in bed, and I’ll check on her in 2 minutes, but she comes out. She comes out every time. We do dinner, bathtime and books, but after that, it’s a total complete S-show, every night. Any helpful tips to reason with a 3-YO girl who doesn’t want to sleep? We love our child and want this for all of us. Thank you!