Customer Servive Rant


Oh customer service, I’m sure everyone knows how frustrating it can be to work in this field because some customers are just so...... difficult (to put it lightly).

I have worked at a baskin robbins over the course of 2 years (I like to work here on the side during my school breaks when I am back home) and I am always so cheerful and make small talk at times and always happily answer any questions. But I just had to rant a little about some of the people who come in.

So today this lady comes in to buy a cake, and as she is being rung up she states that she has a coupon for $3 off a cake through the baskin robbins app but she was having trouble pulling it up. I explain to her that there is no way for me to manually put it in because I do not have the code to do that. So she goes off to the side for a good 20 minutes trying to get the coupon, and she finally comes up to the register flustered and explains to me that the app is down and shows me what happens when she clicks on it. I try my best to help but there really isn’t much I can do in this situation. So she gets all mad at me and my coworker and goes off about how we need to tell my boss to have it fixed etc. and how we need to tell my boss to give us the codes so we can put it in when customers dont have the coupons. The whole time i am just standing there calmly as she rants at us and my coworker rings her up. My coworker then gives her the receipt, and the customer snatches it out of her hand only for her to crumple it and say “actually i dont need it” and place the crumpled receipt in my coworker’s hand. She starts to storm out the store and i wish her a good day (which of course she ignores).

I also once had an old man come in the store who wanted an item he saw on the menu board (double scoop with a fancy waffle cone). After explaining to him why it looked “different” than the picture (because it had different colored sprinkles) i then had to explain to him continuously clear as day why it was more expensive than the normal double scoop price since there is an additional charge for the cone. And after going back and forth and calmly

Explaining and offering different options. He angrily says “I’ll pay whatever I have to pay but just know I wont be coming back!” To which i replied “ok.”

Btw sorry for the long rant (if anyone even reads this lol). But honestly the way I see it is that at the end of the day it’s just damn ice cream so there is no need to get all butt hurt over something so small/out of my control especially when I am still being pleasant to you even though you’re being rude.