So recently my depression and anxiety has been crazy. I’ve been on the edge of a mental breakdown every single day this week and it doesn’t seem like anything’s getting better. Now there’s no reason i shouldn’t necessarily be happy. My boyfriend of 3 years and I will be moving into our first house together in 2 weeks. I have an okay job and good friends. I’ve recently been job hunting but with no luck. I also have been having really bad dreams, almost nightmarish and a few of them are making me have doubts on my relationship. But I am moving out of the house I’ve lived in my whole life and that whole situation is bittersweet. I previously had my dads blessing to move out once i graduated which i have already done but lately every time i bring it up he seems upset about it and unsupportive. I was on Zoloft but i ended up getting off of it because it just made things worse. So i’m asking for some tips, advice, really anything to help! No negative comments please as I am already at a fragile state of mind.