I'm sitting here sobbing as I type this. I am a teacher and I have not encountered this in a while, and when I did in the past it ended up being a really bad situation.

I have a student, a 6 year old girl who is fully potty trained, who recently started peeing herself constantly.

I know that her mom has gotten into a new relationship with a man, and not too long after this relationship began this little girl, let's call her G, has completely changed.

She doesnt speak up in class, not even to use the restroom. I could say especially not to use the restroom. She peed on herself 3 times Monday, 5 times Tuesday and 5 times today. Last week was bad too but I cant remember exactly how many times she peed herself. She never used to do this, at all. I'm horrified. I talked to her mom about it, she just got annoyed and defensive especially when I asked her to pack G a few extra pairs of clothes because she never returns the school extras that we supply.

So after it just kept happening I brought it up to the principal and he is going to be doing his own inquiries. I just dont know what else I can do. I'm scared for this girl and i feel like I'm not really doing anything to help.

Frankly I'm afraid that her moms new boyfriend is molesting her or hurting her some way. This is just not like her. I spoke with a few other teachers and her brother is doing the same thing. My heart is broken. I just wish I could do more. What else CAN I do, as a teacher?