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I know this isn’t exactly about pregnancy or whatever but I need help, I’m 17 and I don’t know where to post this, I’ve tried childline but it won’t let me post it onto the message boards so I thought I’d try glow because you’re all helpful on here & more mature,right?

My fiancé is going into the army for 3 months and won’t be back until the middle of November after my 18th birthday, we’ve been dating since 20/05/18 and we see each other so much but it’s about to go from that to only seeing him when he’s on leave, I don’t know how to cope with it.

I’m also leaving care on my birthday and will have to make a set decision on whether I want to go back to my dads or not but I don’t know what to do about that because he used to abuse me sometimes but we also sometimes got on with each other really well but that was probably only when he hadn’t been drinking. In my mind I do want to go back to his but my boyfriend/fiancé hates him for what he’s done to me in the past, I also feel like getting my own house but I don’t want to live where I am forever or wait for my own place, I just want to leave and start a fresh life as soon as possible either with my dad or in my own home but I really don’t want to wait to be able to bid on houses with my leaving care worker, what they’d do if I decided I wanted my own house is put me on a list full of other people that are ready for independence but you’d have to be put on the 1st priority band to actually be able to get the house you wanted which is why I really don’t want to sit around waiting, it’s also because my leaving care worker doesn’t reply to any of my messages and she hardly turns up to meetings when she’s supposed to and because she does that I doubt she’d even help me get a house if I wanted one, what should I do?