I'm having anxiety attacks

So, my SO of 7 years and I broke up. It's not what I wanted to happen, and he's said it's not what he wanted either. It was just one of those things. Tired of arguing. He said he will always love me, and he knows I want him back. I'm so stressed over this I have been having anxiety attacks. Anyway, his family have a group chat on Facebook messenger which includes his parents, his brother and his partner, his aunt and uncle, his cousin and a few family friends... And me. I'm still in the group chat. It's not always an active chat, just easier to contact each other whenever they fancy a get together. So last night the uncle posts a link to the group about something going on in my area where there'll be a fun family day, selling all kinds of food etc. My SO commented asking about Thai food, then said what about Thai women? I don't know if he realised I was still in the group but it broke my heart reading that. I messaged him because it really hurt me and he immediately txt back to say he was joking, I told him I felt sick at the thought of him with someone else and he said he doesn't give a fuck about anyone else and that he felt sick too when we split and he just wants us to get on. To that I replied, I don't just want us to get on I want us back together! He already knows this but that's the first time I actually said it. He read the message but didn't reply. I've been having these horrible attacks since. I feel sick, shaky, weak, I can feel my heart beating fast, I feel hot, and i have the butterfly feeling in my stomach but not in a good way.