I need some advice so, I had a weird small amount of spotting that I thought was my period coming early, but it only lasted like 46 hours max and wouldn’t have filled a pad. (Imagine being able to wear the same pad for two days and not be half full) scant bleeding. But after that it stopped and I’ve heard about implantation bleeding so I was like hey maybe. So I waited for a while and on Sunday two days after my expect period according to <a href="">Eve</a> (I believe it’s a partner app to this one) I took a pregnancy test and got a faint positive

This was right after taking it I barely saw it.

So then I put it down put on a five minute timer and came back for it. It still has that same line. I could hardly believe myself. So in my disbelief I decided to reconfirm, but I wanted to wait 48-72 hours for my levels to get up there so I could have a stronger, more undeniable line. So I did one Tuesday

I thought heck yeah that’s a little better progress.

And because my boyfriend is a bit of a skeptic, we bought more the next day and i called and made an appointment for blood work, that was yesterday that I called. And yesterday I took one when we got from from shopping (so like afternoon) and I got this as a result

So I think I see something in that one but I’m not sure. So I got a little disheartened... so I had my appointment today for blood, and I poas right when i woke up and it was stark white. Same type of test as the previous picture, and I went in at 8:30 for my appointment and I haven’t gotten a call back yet and I’m stressing... someone please give me some hope