Different from my usual post

Sarah • 27 & Married 4/27/19 💑💍 Cat & Dog mom 🐈🐕🐈 🐾 TTC baby #1

I normally post about fertility but this one is a little different. I have seen many other post that have inspired me to share my story. July 2018, just a year ago, my husband proposed only July 6th (the evening before my birthday). My family came to visit and we all went out to eat. My grandmother loves taking photos so she took a couple of me. The next day, when she sent them to me... was an eye opener to how big I had got...(I had lost weight before about 3 years ago but gained it all back plus some). I was nearly 200lbs July 2018, and I had already got a wedding dress from a failed relationship (long story). So I KNEW I had to lose weight, or spend another good chunk of money on a new one. I had already tried selling my dress many times before with no takers so my option was to lose the weight. Our wedding was in April 2019. By April, I had lost 65lbs!! And my dress fit perfectly! My maid of honor told me I actually could have still fit if I had lost a few pounds less because I had almost lost enough that it was too big! Since the wedding I've gained 7lbs, which everyone tells me 7lbs in 4 months isn't bad but I still fear of regaining it all, especially when people telling me that losing the weight may help my chances of pregnancy. So at first, my weightloss was for my wedding, now that is over. I am now trying to re-lose and maintain for the sake of HOPEFULLY a pregnany someday 🤞🤞🤞