Things are looking up and I don’t have anyone to tell!

We got approved for the perfect house to rent! We have two kids under two and have always lived in apartments. My children will finally have a big, fenced in yard to play in. We’ll have sidewalks to go for walks on and a playground in the neighborhood that’s a short walk from the house! Our bathroom has a big tub, so I won’t have to squeeze my fat ass into a tiny one anymore 🕺🏻. The fridge has a water dispenser! There’s a storm shelter in the garage (a necessity for Oklahoma living).

We were also told today that a family member got a hefty inheritance and they want to pay our truck off for us. Goodbye $500 a month truck payment!!

You guys. I can’t believe that we are getting this kind of luck. It seems like we can never catch a break. I feel so much relief for the first time in years. Now we can focus on paying off our other debt while we get to live in a nice home that our children deserve. I am seriously just so relieved. I needed to share. I can’t stop smiling.