Yeast infection

Melody • Momma to a baby in heaven 👼🏼

So this is my first yeast infection, so last Sunday when my boyfriend and I were having sex it just felt like it was starting to maybe be itchy while he was inside me. We stopped and Monday I wanted to “investigate” so I did and I saw little white specs inane I thought it was toilet paper but my dumb butt kept messing with it and it hung it, so on Tuesday I went and got the ovule thing and I woke up an hour after taking it and I was super itchy and I itched it and it obviously was swollen and irritated. Wednesday my mom had a doctors appointment for her and she asked our doctor about me and she told me to start the 7 day Monistat. So I took it Wednesday night before bed I was completely fine. All day Thursday no itch or burning I felt normal. Thursday night I put more cream in and I started itching with in seconds. I tinsex it out because I couldn’t take it and than I was fine. Is my yeast infection gone? Am I having an allergic reaction to the medicine?