Recognizing Labour???

Jenn 🦊💐 • 23 | engaged 💍 11/16/19 | 🌈👶 born 8/24/19

Hey guys! I’d love some advice.

I’m 38+6 and the past couple days I’ve had mentrual-like cramping, back pain, and tightening.

First of all, I’ve always heard the contractions are awful- like I’d be crippled over in pain- so I’m not sure if what I’ve been feeling are contractions.

My uterus definitely tightens for 30-90 seconds. I wouldn’t say it’s incredibly painful, but it’s extremely uncomfortable. Usually followed by backaches. My period cramps had me doubled over so I have been expecting worse than that, but is it possible that my pain tolerance is just higher now because of my period pains?

I also had a huge amount of blood just the other day, and now some brown-tinged discharge.

Yesterday and today I’ve had diarrhea and nausea, I’ve read this is a sign of imminent labour- is that true for you?

I’m just so lost at what I’m supposed to be feeling. Help!